Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hālau is a Hawaiian word meaning a school, academy, or group. More specifically, hālau are schools where students of any background are instructed in Hawaiian culture. While some hālau focus on the hula (Hawaiian dance accompanied by chant or song), others provide a broad range of instruction in subjects such as languages, arts, music, history and customs.

Two local Hālau are Hālau O ‘Aulani and Hālau Ho'omau I ka Wai Ola O Hawai'i.

Hālau O ‘Aulani was founded in 1996 by Ku'ulei Stockman and Margo Schlotterbeck for the sole purpose of creating a learning environment for students interested in the preservation of the multi-faceted cultures of Hawai'i with primary emphasis on the Hawaiian culture. Three of our actresses, Debbie Andres, Wilma Consul, and Melonie Stewart, are students of Hālau O ‘Aulani.

Hālau Ho'omau I ka Wai Ola O Hawai'i, meaning “through hula and hālau, we remain young at heart and full of life,” is a traditional Hawaiian cultural school established in January 2000 by Suz and Manu Ikaika.

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