Friday, April 3, 2009

Battle of Kuamo'o

Explore the complexity of the historical Ka'ahumanu:

"I knew our lives would change forever. I knew that when I did this thing. There was blood spilled. Turmoil rose among the people. Kekuaokalani moved his forces out of Ka'awaloa. We met them at Kuamo'o. We had guns, that is why we won. From Kamehameha, I learned to strike swiftly and with strength. But my heart weeps for the death of Kekuaokalani and his faithful woman Manono, who fought by his side. Now the old gods have lost their power, and will go. (Pause) Have I done right? Or have I done great evil? I took down what I knew to be false, but will I, Ka'ahumanu, be able to guide these islands, be able to guide the people? The people now have no gods, only the al'i. How wil I steer the canoe?"

Contrast with this youtube video production entitled, "Battle of Kuamo'o." used with permission by hokulani78:

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