Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Set

In the script for The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu the set is described as follows: "Downstage center is a free open Playing Area. Downstage right is a simple set to suggest a parlor of the Mission House. The set pieces include a table with benches and a few chairs, one of which should be a Boston rocker. Behind the Playing Area, on a slightly raised platform, is a lauhala mat with pillows, and a small western table. This is Ka'ahumanu's House. Downstage left is a lauhala mat covered with a small Chinese ruge, a table behind it, and a nice chair. This is Hannah's House."

As you will see, the NMAI's set for The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu varies slightly from this description. Factors such as the shape and size of our stage affected the set design. For our production, Hannah's house is not on stage but is instead represented by a stool in front of the stage, level with the audience. Our set designer David Dwyer, with the assistance of his son Garrett, has built a world that is true to the essence of Kneubuhl's description and does a wonderful job of bringing 1820's Honolulu to life.

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